Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If You Give EAKs Fun Friday...

We've been really busy in EAK the past few weeks preparing for Open House! We read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff, which of course led us to read about five of her other books! The kids fell in love with the silly animals who just kept wanting one thing after another! 
We were so inspired by the silly stories, we decided to make one of our own! Here's a glimpse of Room 26's "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie":

"If you give a pig a paper, then it will want a crayon."
By Ryland
"If you give a unicorn a dress then it will want a bow."
 By Jayselle

"If you give a penguin a paper then it will want paint."
 By Leiana

On a side note, the kids have been loving the beautiful San Diego weather! The boys are currently obsessed with basketball and soccer, while the girls can't keep their hands off of hula hoops!

We started something new called "Fun Friday." If the kids have been rockstars (which my kiddos tend to be the majority of the time) all week long, they get an extra 20 minutes of free play. I usually break out the bubbles, chalk and play dough to make things extra exciting and the kids love it!
Zach brought in his mini golf set for sharing
and was sweet enough to let the other kids give it a try