Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Speak For the Trees

 I introduced my smart kiddos to digraphs last week. We've learned "ch" and "sh" so far. Every digraph is an "H Brother" and the kids can't get enough of them! With the help of these silly brothers, my kiddos have been able to read and write more and more words!

This week we've been learning all about our Earth to gear up for Earth Day next Monday. We've been reading "The Lorax" and made these adorable crafts to go with it. We made an anchor chart about different way we can love our Earth and then chose one to write about.

In Language Arts, we've been learning about characters, setting, main idea, problem and solution. When you read a story with your child, take the opportunity to ask them about all of these things and see how smart they are!

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