Monday, April 1, 2013

Kites & Bunnies

 In the spirit of spring, some of our awesome moms helped us make these adorable spring bunny crafts! It's a bunny hiding in the tall grass. The kids never miss out on the opportunity to get covered in paint!
"My kite is flying over the garden." -Jayselle
March is the perfect time to fly a kite! Before writing about kites, we reviewed the right kind of weather we needed to fly a kite and then we got to watch Miss Clark make a complete fool of herself while attempting to fly a kite for us! Fortunately, Miss Moncada, the Spanish teacher, was outside with her kids and helped Miss Clark get the kite off the ground. It resulted in the kids chanting "Miss Clark! Miss Clark!" I love how encouraging my kids are!
"My kite is flying over school." -Leya
After flying our awesome Spongebob kite, we went back inside and brainstormed some places where our kites could fly. The kids had to complete the sentence frame: "My kits is flying over ______." They chose a place and then drew a picture of their kite. Some of them got really creative and I love how they turned out!

On Friday, we celebrated spring with Bunny Day! The kids made bunny ears that said "Miss Clark's Funny Bunnies." Naturally, I had to force the majority to keep them on at least for our egg hunt because they just looked too cute!

The kids had a blast hunting for eggs around the kindergarten playground. Everyone got two eggs and I'm proud to say no tears were shed! We've really been working on being good friends to each other and I couldn't be more proud of my little funny bunnies for helping their friends find eggs.

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