Thursday, February 21, 2013

Miss Clark's Love Bugs

     It's hard to believe February is almost over! The last few weeks have flown by in EAK! Last week we celebrated Valentine's Day. Our day consisted of hearts, hearts and more hearts! The kids made cute hats that said, "Miss Clark's Love Bugs." Thank you for all of my sweet gifts. I truly felt loved by all of my little friends.

We've been learning about AB patterns in class the past few weeks. We all know that patterns REPEAT. For Valentine's Day, we colored hearts in AB patterns.

We also learned about George Washington. We learned all about Washington D.C., the White House and how President Washington is on the quarter and the $1 bill. We made these adorable three-corner hats, just like President Washington used to wear!

My kids have been OBSESSED with a new game they invented using EVERY hula hoop in the playground area. Everyone grabs a hula hoop and adds it to the line. Once all of the hula hoops are in place, a mob of children form a line so they can take turns running through the hoops. There's usually a little friend directing traffic and telling other friends when they can go. They are too funny!

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