Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bears & Birthdays

Week 3 is coming to an end and boy, have we learned a lot this week!

 Here are some pictures of our friends playing on the playground. Every morning the first things my little friends ask me is when recess and lunch are. They LOVE swinging on the swings, digging in the sandbox & going on the monkey bars!

All of our friends have to turn 5 by the middle of March so we've been celebrating a lot of birthdays lately! Our class definitely doesn't mind chowing down on tasty treats twice a week!

 We've been focusing on the color red this week. Today we chose one thing that was red and drew a picture of it. We had a lot of friends choose to draw apples and balls.

This week we're learning the letters c and d. The kids came up with words that started with each letter. They were very gracious when it came to my drawings and kept reminding me that it didn't matter what they looked like as long as I was doing my best. I'm glad they're remembering some things I've taught them :)

 In math we've been learning the number 3 and about squares. The kids have an adorable dance for Sammy the Square. 

 In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, we wrote and drew about our own dreams. We had a lot of friends dream for everyone in the world to be happy.

In science we've been learning about winter. We learned about how cold weather effects both people and animals. We learned about how some animals need to migrate to warmer places during the winter. The kids loved learning about how birds and whales migrate. Tomorrow we will be learning how some animals hibernate in the winter and making these cute hibernating black bears out of paper bags. Shout out to Leila's mom for cutting all of the bear shapes out!!

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